Seventeen Years Ago.

Robert and Autumn are two peas in a pod and that's the truth. They are an incredible couple and in that I thought the best way for you to know them was to hear about them from them.

"'We met in March of 1998. Robert was standing in front of my church wearing his suit and tie. "Man, I wish someone that good looking went to my church!" I'm not going to was love at first sight. We talked and played volleyball together at the church picnic and I thought that would be the last time I would see him since he lived in California and I in Colorado. I was wrong...Robert returned in May for Neil and Candy's wedding. Again we went to the church picnic only this time we spent the afternoon taking a stroll through the park. He asked Candy for my phone number which she gladly gave...I had no idea, neither had I any objections.

Over the next several weeks Robert and I spent a lot of money with long distance phone calls and he would make the occasional trip out to Colorado to spend time with me. The 12 hour trip was becoming a strain however. On one trip Robert began to pray, "Lord, you have to make it easier for us to see each other. I'm falling in love with this woman! I'm going to have to break up with her because I just can't do this anymore!" When Robert got home there was a phone call. "Robert! You are not going to believe what I have to tell you! We have a new family in our church and the husband is a pilot for Southwest Airlines! He said that we can fly back and forth whenever we want to for free with his buddy passes!" Robert didn't need any further information that this relationship was ordained of God. Robert told me over the phone one day, "You should just move to California and marry me." To which I replied, "Ok!"

Towards the end of August I moved to California and on September 19, 1998 Robert and I were married. Seventeen years later we are still very much in love and very much the best of friends.'"

Congratulations on seventeen years of marriage Autumn and Robert!