Senior Sensation

This stunning young lady you see here, this girl is going places! What an incredible, now graduated, strong woman. If you know Alex then you know what it is to be around a fun, loving, independent, take no nonsense from others kind of girl.

I met Alex through her mother, Nicki, whom is a pretty incredible woman herself. Nicki is a nurse and an incredible nurse that. Three pregnancies for me and she has come to see me at everyone whether she was working or not. In fact she has always been one of the first to hold my precious babies. Before I knew it Nicki and I had known one another for almost six years and she was calling me to schedule a Senior session for Alex! Where did the time go?

Well that time has come and gone already as Alex graduated in May and is looking to her future. I was so honored to work with this girl and I am excited to see what comes next for her. I know her mama is not ready to think of this yet but before you know another six years will have passed and this girl could be married or changing the world in one of the numerous ways we know she can or maybe both! I look forward to working with Alex again and who knows maybe we can finally get the whole family in front of the camera :)