Two and Two


There have been some pretty amazing things going on with my family this past month. Short little back story, I am the oldest of four girls in my family and it seemed after I had four daughters of my own we would never see a baby boy. Low and behold my husband and I found out we were expecting and if you thought "Oh she is so going to tell us she is having a boy," I don't like to disappoint and you are right...our little prince was finally on his way. We were partially shocked after so many girls. He was going to bring such a change in to our little part of the world.

Now you recall I stated that I am the oldest of four girls? The second sister in the line-up found out she and her husband were expecting their first little one only six weeks after we found out about our little one. She found out just recently that not only were we both expecting but we are both expecting boys!


We continue down the line to the third sister in my family and...

And finally to bring the happenings of my sisters and I to a close, the youngest sister and her exciting news!

Our family is extremely excited and ready for this busy upcoming year. Four sisters, four major events, and one loving family!