A Timely Tip

We all need an idea on how the photography goes along during the wedding day. This gives you a quick idea of just how quickly the day goes and why you need time set aside for those beautiful images that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Use this as a guide, change it to fit your needs and enjoy!

She Put On The Dress...

He got up. He got up to go to work and supply for his family. They had two children and had their wedding day all planned out. It wouldn't be long, only a few months from that day and they would be husband and wife. He got up.

She received the phone call not long after he left, a phone call that would change her life forever. He was gone.

He was an incredible soul who loved his family very much. And to honor that love she put on the dress. The dress that would say, I love you and I always will... She put on the dress. She now walks down a road not planned but she walks it with courage, with strength and with love.

(Below are a few photos from that day, the day she put on the dress. *To see more from Kena Iversen Photography please visit: www.facebook.com/iversenphotography*)

I personally want to say thank you to this amazing family for giving me the honor to not only photograph such an incredible tribute but for also bringing me into your family. You all have a bond that can never be broken.

The "Best of 2014-2015" Contest!

If you have been watching Kena Iversen Photography's facebook page you have surely seen the contest going on right now. Rules are simple comment under your favorite photo for it to get a vote. You can vote once per day! Contest ends August 31st at 11pm. Share and tag your friends to so they comment on their favorite too...good luck to all who have helped make this year one of the best years yet!